Leg comparison, a study in the art of slicing my fascia

While recovering from my ordeal, I thought I would try and compare left and right to see if there is an obvious difference between the wounds.  My consultant said that it would very possibly be completely different as everyone is different, and each leg is also very different.

Looking at the image though, it doesn’t look too far off though, although the top wound of my right leg certainly looks a bit longer.. Time will tell.

Surgery day, all went well.

Well, I am lying here in my hospital bed, watching a film (Escape Plan), and relaxing after a day of surgery, sleeping and eating.

By all accounts, the surgery went very well. My legs bandaged up like last time, pains not too bad, although that might just be the class A drugs I’m on 😀. Had some loverly food, and I’ve been well looked after, by both hospital staff and my other half (who is currently having a well deserved drink at my brothers wedding party that I am missing).

Recovery will no doubt be slow, having to obtain a balance of resting, keeping it elevated, and exercising it.

Operation before picture

And here, you can see right leg, perched next to left leg, relaxing , lacking the distinct markings left leg received due to a rather nasty altercation with a man with a knife 8 months ago.  Little does right leg know, that fate may deal him a similar blow, very soon.