Pre-operative assessment

I was invited along for a pre-operative assessment a couple of weeks before my surgery.  To say I was nervous would be an understatement.  I had to go alone as unfortunately my partner had a funeral to attend.  It was fairly painless, I had an ECG, MRSA swabs, blood test and blood pressure test and everything was fine apart from the Blood Pressure.


Now my blood pressure is supposed to be under control with medication, but it seems to be very apparent that I have a case of the White Coat Syndrome.  I gave them a spreadsheet of my own readings from home which all seem to be reasonable, and I was hoping that it would be enough.

I then had a long chat with a nurse about coming in to hospital, what would happen etc.  She didn’t really know much detail about my Op, but everything seemed to point to me only having the one leg (the left one) done.  I explained that I had assumed it would be both.  She offered to check with the consultant but explained that chances are, he would not respond with an answer.

A few days later, she got back in touch with me after having a chat with the Consultant, and told me that my Blood Pressure readings were a concern and asked me to get a number of readings done at my GP just to make sure it was safe to do the Op.  I asked again about just having the one leg done and she said that she had asked, but not got a response.

Oh well.