When I finally got an appointment to see the consultant, well, it was all a bit of a whirlwind. I sat nervously waiting to go in to see him, listening to the nurse chat to others, who she obviously knew, making me feel a tad bit uncomfortable.

When I was invited in, I explained briefly my situation, assuming he would ask questions to probe deeper.  Instead, it kind of felt like he did not believe me.

“Why don’t you go for a walk then and we will see what happens when you come back”.

This kind of threw me a little bit, but I guess I was game for it as I knew that lately I could practically  guarantee that the pain would come on.  He lead me outside the consultation room, complaining about where his nurse had gone.  He eventually found a couple of people who although not part of the team, he obviously knew.  He explained to them what was going to happen, and that when I returned, they were to take me into a side room, disturb him immediately regardless of if he had patients with him so he could come and examine me.

So, I went for a walk, 20 minutes, down a hill and then back up again.  Sure enough by the time I got back, I was limping, pained and incredibly uncomfortable.

When I got back, the nurse was there and I explained what had just happened and what the consultant said.

“Well he is with a patient so you will have to wait”

This annoyed me and I explained what he said but she was having none of it.  She said I should just sit down and wait my turn.  I explained that I shouldn’t sit as the pain may pass, and she just dismissed me.  So I stood around, waiting, shuffling leg to leg in pain, sweating and angry.  I even found one of the people the consultant gave instruction to and they just dismissed me, so I just waited.


Eventually he came out after dealing with patients, and I rushed to him to make my presence know.  He invited me in, examined my leg, and spoke,

“Oh yes, there is definitely a big pressure build up there.”

I began to take my coat off expecting further talks or examinations, and he just said

“Don’t worry about your coat, you’re on my list”

He then picked up his dictaphone and started to record.