BitGym iPad App for Exercise bikes – excellent fun to be had

I have had an exercise bike for a while now, and I originally got it to try to strengthen my legs both before and after my operation.  Now that I am due another Op, I thought I would dust it off and try using it again.

Problem was it was a bit dull just staring at a white wall, and focusing on the distance/time reading to see when I could get off it LOL.

Until I found this neat little app called BitGym.  This little app for the iPad and other Android tablets allows you to cycle but with something cool to look at.

iTunes  |  Google Play

It uses the front facing camera and vibrations to detect how fast you are going, and displays excellent quality footage to make you believe you’re not actually on an indoor exercise bike, in the back bedroom.  I was quite surprised at how well it actually works.  The faster you cycle, the quicker the video goes, and it seemed very accurate at detecting how fast I was moving the pedals.  No fancy connections required.

I also liked the fact that some of the videos also had a coach telling you instructions, and challenges which actually made we want to follow along, speeding up while going tackling hills.  I have never managed more than about 15 minutes on the bike before until I tried this, now its enjoyable to go on a nice long bike ride.  If you have an exercise bike, I would recommend you try it.

Anyway, forgive the poor shaky video, but here is a sample of me on the bike, using the app.