Fidget Cube Review

I am a finger fidget-err.  It does not feel right if my fingers are not doing something, and the majority of the time, that means picking.
Picking my fingers, picking my nails, picking the various patches of psoriasis around my body.  Its an obsession.
I was intrigued to find out that my Brother over Christmas had backed a kick starter for a “Fidget Cube”.  An intriguing little device that you could “play” with to keep yourself from doing harm to ones own body.
I decided to investigate, and being the tight arse that I am, I decided to purchase a cheep china knock off from eBay to see how it would be.

And this is the review (kind of).

A decided to go for a black and red cube that cost around £5 from eBay. It is a six sided cube, and each side offers something different to fidget with.  When it arrived, it was bigger than I was expecting, but not too big.  Fits in the hand nicely and can be easily manipulated with your fingers.

Side One

The first side is in effect an empty side, apart from a delve that fits your thumb ever so slightly.  I assume this is just something for you to rub your thumb backwards and forwards on.  I tend not to use this side much.

Side Two

The five dice like buttons.  These are separate clickable buttons.  They produce a very satisfying click sound, although I tend not to use them while watching the TV as they are rather loud.  On my cube, one of the buttons does not work though, its just solid.  It does not move, click or do anything.  I guess that’s a result of buying china knock offs.

Side Three

The rocker switch.  A satisfying back and forwards “light” switch (but obviously, no lights are effected when used).  I use this quite a bit, and as a result, mine has kind of lost its stiffness, and now just wobbles from side to side.  Still satisfying though.

Side Four

The Joystick.  This resembles an analogue stick from a Game Controller.  It presses down and can be clicked, and can be moved around as if aiming your sights in Call Of Duty.  As much as I tried though, I could not get it connected to my PS4, so its purely for show.  This is probably my second favourite bit.

Side Five

The spinning dial.  This is just a rotating circle.  You can use your thumb and spin it round, although sometimes it sticks.  It has a little raised bit on it to help get a grip with it and move it around.  I sometimes find myself using my nail on it to move it if its proving to be a little tricky.

Side Six

The best side.  It has three ratchet turn able dials on it.  You could say its like a safe combination, but it has no numbers on it, nothing opens, and it does not hold any treasures.  You can roll them around with your thumb.  But best of all is the ball bearing.  This can be rolled around and is quite therapeutic. It can be tricky to get moving sometimes (probably a build up of grease), but once it goes, it feels marvelous.


Overall, I like the idea, and I have to say, I keep finding myself still picking my fingers, although whenever I realise that I am doing so, I now stop myself and pick up the cube.  So I would say the cube does work, and keeps my busy, as long as you remember to use it.  Its slowly become a staple part of my evenings sat in front of the TV.

Comparison with an official cube

I had a chance to compare my cheap cube with an official one.  There was not much difference to be honest, although the official one did have a better feel.  The buttons were softer and seemed better engineered, the movements seemed smoother overall and I could see why they are that little bit more expensive.  Even so, I am still happy with my cube 🙂


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