Operation before picture

And here, you can see right leg, perched next to left leg, relaxing , lacking the distinct markings left leg received due to a rather nasty altercation with a man with a knife 8 months ago.  Little does right leg know, that fate may deal him a similar blow, very soon.

I have the date for my second leg surgery

Well I received my appointment, finally.

7th October, 2017, which is a Saturday (surprisingly).  So its just a waiting game now.  Unfortunately, that is only five weeks in to my new Job which is a little inconvenient.

Still, I have needed this doing since I was about 15, so its worth it.

Back on the waiting list

Well, I am back on the waiting list.  I saw the consultant on Tuesday 13th June 2017, and it was a very quick appointment.  He is happy to do the other leg, and he has put me down for another surgery.

And now, less than a week later, I have already had my notification that I am on the list, and asking me if there are any dates I cannot make, and if I am happy with a short notice op.

Seems to be happening quicker than last time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if its done sometime soon.  Fingers crossed.

Left leg pending checkup

Well, in three days I will be going back to see my Consultant regarding my leg, and to discuss the possibility of having my right leg done.

I have to say, after suffering nearly all my life with bad legs, I really do think it’s worked on my left leg, but alas, my right is still suffering from bad cramps when walking, so hopefully will be able to get that one done as well.

Besides, I need matching scars 🙂

Final rogue stitch removal

I went for my last physio appointment today.  During my deep tissue massage the physio noticed that on my lower scar, it looked like there was still some stitch embedded in the healed skin.

I had assumed it was just a stubborn scab which had not healed, and I had managed to resist the picking of, but guess not.

She sent me down to see the nurses, and sure enough, it was a small amount of thread still embedded in the skin.  A quick prod with some tweezers and it twanged straight out.  At least I got a new plaster 🙂


Slow healing

Its now been over five weeks and my leg still looks a mess.  I don’t know if I was expecting it to be healed more than it is, but it just seems to be taking its time.

It feels a bit more comfortable which is the main thing, although the Jury is still out as to if the surgery has had the desired effect, as I still have a bit of cramping when walking. Again, maybe I am just too impatient.

Frankensteins Monster (or his leg)

Well, it’s now been a whole month after my surgery, and my leg is feeling much better now.  It still aches a bit, and it’s not 100% yet as I am still having to be very careful with it.  Everyone seems happy with the progress.  The lower wound still looks a bit iffy, but it’s now dressing free.

I think its going to be another month before my leg looks normal, possibly even longer.

My follow-up appointment is in May 2017, so hopefully by then it will be much better, and I shall have an idea of if the procedure has helped.  I am hopeful, but after a normal walk, it still feels a bit crampy at the moment, but that might just be because I am still tender.


Still wounded

Well, today, in the comfort of my own home, I removed the post stitch removal dressing, and unfortunately, one of my wounds is not ready to be released to the world just yet.  The top two look pretty good, but the bottom one still looks a bit yucky.

Bottom wound, still nasty

So, I think its still going to be a few days before I am totally free of the dressings, so will have to keep it dry till then.

Thanks to Nurse Janice who took significant care when removing the dressings, which is more than can be said for the nurse who actually removed the stitches 🙂