Morning Walk – 6.5 miles

Always wanted to display my walks in an animated fashion, as opposed to just showing maps, so thought I would give Google Earth a go.

Pleased with the result for my first attempt, although I want to figure out if I can make it more like the camera is actually travelling along the path.

Walking photography

Introducing a new feature to my blog, an interactive map showcasing some of my amazing pictures I have taken while I have been on some of my mammoth walks, trying to keep healthy and fit.

The map can be found below, but you can also get to it from the side menu of this web site, and via the following link.  I will be keeping it up to date with new photographs when I take them.

Walking photography


An update on my health

Well, Its been over a year since I started down the road to get my legs sorted.  Two operations later, and I am feeling pretty good.  I seem to be able to walk pretty well, managing significantly more than the 10 minutes walk to the shops that I could barely do before.  I still get a little bit of pain if I either over stretch myself, or, if I have been particularly lazy, and get out of practice.

Its still a lot better though. I can comfortably manage a good 3-4 km walk in one go, exploring some places I had never previously seen before.  My standard working from home day involves about 30-50 minute walk on a lunch time.

Feeling pretty good, losing a bit of weight, and generally feeling like a new man.  However, it now feels like I have swapped bad legs for a bad back 🙁

Update on leg, healing nicely.

Latest picture on my leg. It’s been about 6-7 weeks since my operation, and my scars are healing very nicely. I have to say, I think it’s worked as I seem to be able to walk quite canny on it.  I have even been for a few long walks, 2+ miles, and that is something I would have never even contemplated before.

Bionic legs are a go!!!!!!


Stitches out

Well I went to see the consultant today, he is very happy with the progress. My stitches are out, so hopefully everything is going in the right direction.

Bruise update

My legs a lovely shade of yellow.

I may be getting the stitches out today, we shall see what Mr Consultant says today when I see him.