Magnetic charging cables, love em

I recently purchased a new USB cable from Amazon.  Its one of these new fangled Magnetic cables and it comes with three “ends” on it, a lightning apple connector, a USB-C connector and a Micro USB connector.

Its designed so that you just leave in the connector to which ever device you choose, and the USB cable bit simply snaps on to it with the power of magnetism.

I have to say, I love them.  I can now leave a connector plugged in to my phone, my iPad, and my Watch charger, and I don’t have to mess around with plugin in the cables, which depending on the device, can be a little tricky at times.  Now, the cable just snaps on automatically.

I have to admit, I like it so much, I have ordered another one so I can get more ends for my other devices.

Highly recommended.

Fidget Cube Review

I am a finger fidget-err.  It does not feel right if my fingers are not doing something, and the majority of the time, that means picking.
Picking my fingers, picking my nails, picking the various patches of psoriasis around my body.  Its an obsession.
I was intrigued to find out that my Brother over Christmas had backed a kick starter for a “Fidget Cube”.  An intriguing little device that you could “play” with to keep yourself from doing harm to ones own body.
I decided to investigate, and being the tight arse that I am, I decided to purchase a cheep china knock off from eBay to see how it would be.

And this is the review (kind of).

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