Morning Walk – 6.5 miles

Always wanted to display my walks in an animated fashion, as opposed to just showing maps, so thought I would give Google Earth a go.

Pleased with the result for my first attempt, although I want to figure out if I can make it more like the camera is actually travelling along the path.

Heavy Plant Crossing

While on a bus, on holiday, I passed a sign that said “Heavy Plant Crossing”. I assume it was in reference to a construction site or industrial site we just passed, but my mind wandered.

Heavy Plant Crossing

Felt tip pen scenery

While attempting to de-stress from a very busy time at work, I thought I would have a stab at doing some art, to see if it would help. This was my first attempt, as its been ages since I have done any drawing.

Walking photography

Introducing a new feature to my blog, an interactive map showcasing some of my amazing pictures I have taken while I have been on some of my mammoth walks, trying to keep healthy and fit.

The map can be found below, but you can also get to it from the side menu of this web site, and via the following link.  I will be keeping it up to date with new photographs when I take them.

Walking photography


An ode to the number 42

The pronic number of 42 is the second sphenic masterpiece,

To me it represents a perfect piece of molybdenum, set at the base of a perfectly angled rainbow, it is the asterisk to find everything.

The source of its power from the Orion Nebula, can sound like death in Japanese, is inevitably the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, and its me, the number of years on this planet.

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